DEWENWILS Sprinkler Programmable Hose Timer with Automatic/Rain Delay/Manual Mode

  • 8 Programs for Independent Water Outlet
  • Easy to Program & Setup
  • Upgraded Leakproof Design
  • ECO/Rain Delay/Manual Mode
  • Easy to Operate, 3.4-inch LCD Screen
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Top Connector MaterialPure ZincPure ZincPure Zinc
Water Pressure120 PSI120 PSI120 PSI
Watering Duration1-240 Minutes1-240 Minutes1-240 Minutes
Watering Frequency1 -7days, 2nd days , 3rd days1 -7days, 2nd days , 3rd days1 -7days, 2nd days , 3rd days
Battery1.5 V AA(not included)1.5 V AA(not included)1.5 V AA(not included)
Water Outlet1 Zone2 Zones3 Zones
Indenpent Control

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