Dewenwils autumn team building activities: families and children made the team building activities full of warmth and laughter

The best way to live is to run on the ideal road with a group of like-minded people.

Autumn has gradually gone away, and the Dewenwils team building activities have also been fixed under the blue sky and green grass. Looking back what good things do you still remember?

Highlights 1: Dewenwils family

Look at this big and happy family, isn’t it very warm and beautiful!

Highlights 2: Mr. Wang put forward three “understandings”

Deepen understanding among colleagues

Deepen family members’ understanding of Dewenwils 

Deepen employees’ understanding of products

Highlights 3: Dewenwils product display

Highlights 4: Fun games

Highlights 5: Delicious BBQ

That was a wonderful time for Dewenwils people

It was a happy party belonging to Dewenwils family

We are on the way!

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