DEWENWILS 30 Ft Retractable Extension Cord Reel, Ceiling/Wall Mount 16/3 Gauge SJTW Power Cord with 3 Electrical Outlets Pigtail, 10 Amp Circuit Breaker, Metal Plate, UL Listed

  • Automatic Retractable
  • Circuit Breaker Switch
  • Easily Ceiling / Wall Mount with 180 Degree Swivel
  • 30 Foot 16/3C Gauge Power Cord & 4 FT Lead In Cord
  • 3 Grounded Outlets Triple Tap with Indicator Light
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  • Automatic Retractable 】 The power cord reel retracts quickly and smoothly with a clever auto-guide rewind mechanism to avoid kinks and tangles; the ratcheting system will lock the cord at any length and allow you to quickly store it when finished.
  • Circuit Breaker Switch 】 Built-in 10A circuit breaker protects devices against short circuits and overloads which will automatically cut off the power supply when the total current of the connected devices exceeds 10A; press the circuit breaker switch to continue using after the cutting-off.
  • Easily Ceiling / Wall Mount with 180 Degree Swivel】 The swivel mounting bracket lets the extension cord reel swivel freely up to 180 degrees; perfect for hanging from your garage ceiling or mounting to a wall; easily pull and release cord from multiple directions; free up more workspace and makes storage a breeze; avoid tangled cords or people tripping up.
  • 30 Foot 16/3C Gauge Power Cord & 4 FT Lead In Cord 】 Rated for 10A/ 125V/ 1250W, the electric cord reel power station has 30 feet long SJTW extension cord and 4 feet lead-in cord; the stopper is not adjustable, which can effectively prevent the extension cord from fully retracting into the reel.
  • 3 Grounded Outlets Triple Tap with Indicator Light 】 The grounded triple tap pigtail allows you to power multiple appliances simultaneously and maximize the usage of power strips and wall outlets; the indicator lights up when the cord is powered to let you know the electrical cord reel is ready to use.
Cord ColorYellow
Cord Type16AWG, SJTW
Input Voltage125VAC, 60Hz
Max. Power Rating10A, 1250W
End to End Length30 Feet
Lead-in Cord Length4 Feet
Circuit Breaker10A Circuit Breaker
Indoor/Outdoor UseIndoor/Outdoor (Dry-Location)
Installation TypeWall Mount Associate, Ceiling Mount
Operation ModeAutomatic

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